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Sweet and Spicy Carrot Salad

Whole30, Paleo, Dairy Free, Grain Free, and Gluten Free This is one of my absolute favorite salads. It is so easy to make, keeps for awhile in the refrigerator, and is great for leftovers. I use the convenience of pre-shredded carrots for this salad… Continue Reading “Sweet and Spicy Carrot Salad”

Curried Egg Salad

Whole30, Paleo, Grain Free, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free I am a huge fan of curry. I grew up eating a lot of it and look for ways to incorporate it whenever I can. I always have put it in my egg salad. My… Continue Reading “Curried Egg Salad”

“Cheesesteak” Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Whole30, Paleo, Grain Free, Dairy Free and Gluten Free I grew up on Philly Cheesesteaks. ¬†I have lived many places but, for most of my life have lived near Philadelphia where cheesesteaks are a delicacy! ¬†Although, this clearly looks nothing like a cheesesteak, this… Continue Reading ““Cheesesteak” Cauliflower Rice Bowl”