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A Few of My Favorite Things- Gluten Free/Whole30/Paleo/Grain Free/Dairy Free (Updated)

  New to Whole30?  Starting a Paleo Diet.  Do you follow a gluten free, dairy free, and grain free protocol?  AIP?  Or, just looking to eat clean, feel better, and live a healthier lifestyle.  For me, it is all of the above.  I have… Continue Reading “A Few of My Favorite Things- Gluten Free/Whole30/Paleo/Grain Free/Dairy Free (Updated)”

My Whole30 Journey- Round 3

So the day has arrived.  I have just completed my third round of Whole30.  I am proud, I must admit.  I never thought this would be something I could stick with.  I have been on every diet/ weight loss program/health lifestyle program out there.… Continue Reading “My Whole30 Journey- Round 3”

Be A Fountain Not A Drain

  I have been doing quite a bit of reflection these last few months.  After deciding to dedicate 2018 to working on myself, I have sort of concocted a formula for what works for me.  I usually start my day meditating or journaling.  When meditating… Continue Reading “Be A Fountain Not A Drain”

How I Make My Whole 30 Meal Prep Plan

  One of the biggest surprises to me when I first started my Whole30 journey, was how much fun cooking was for me again.  It used to be so therapeutic for me and many fond memories were spent in the kitchen with my grandmother… Continue Reading “How I Make My Whole 30 Meal Prep Plan”

Emergency Snack Stash

While I go in and out of rounds of Whole30, I am gluten free 100 percent of the time. I have been for a few years now and it has changed my life entirely.  Never did I think that changing one thing would reverse… Continue Reading “Emergency Snack Stash”

The True Eternal Work In Progress

     This is probably one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever written but, I do feel that I need to be honest.  Confession time…..I have this  IG account (@eternalworkinprogressgal), and now blog.  I post Inspiring Quotes, Positive and Motivational Memes, Whole30 Meals,… Continue Reading “The True Eternal Work In Progress”