My Whole30 Journey- Round 3


So the day has arrived.  I have just completed my third round of Whole30.  I am proud, I must admit.  I never thought this would be something I could stick with.  I have been on every diet/ weight loss program/health lifestyle program out there.  The parameters of Whole30 have given me control; the changes I see in myself are immeasurable.

I am going to just put this out there for those that do not know much about Whole30.  It is not a diet or a weight loss program.  For me it has been a lifestyle change; a reset in so many ways.  That being said, I have lost weight.   I know that is not the focus of the program, and I do not believe it should be.  In fact, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I have not weighed myself like a crazy person (sometimes several times a day).  I actually have my scale out in my garage so I will not be tempted to go out there…lol  But, I have noticeably lost weight over time.  I have changed sizes in clothing, my clothes are continuously loose which is a foreign concept for me.  So, after 3 rounds…I finally did weigh myself.  I have lost a significant amount.  Now, let me be very clear. I have A LOT of weight to lose to get to a healthy point.  For years no matter what I tried, I was not able to  keep the weight off long term.  I would lose some and then gain it back and then some.  I am also in my early 40’s and it is harder to lose weight. However, believe it or not, the other benefits of the Whole30 that I have seen in myself outweigh the weight loss.

I cannot begin to try to describe how I felt for years.  I was able to “fake it’ really well.  I felt completely different from everyone around me.  My life was exhausting.  I was always having some sort of symptom; bloating, mouth swelling, hair loss, reflux, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, acne, eczema, depression, anxiety, panic attacks , mental fogginess. ..just to name a few.  I often felt like I was in a “gray space” where everything was going on around me.  I was part of things, but not completely.  I now recognize how much food sensitivities and allergies have impacted my life and well-being.  Whole30 has helped me identify many more “triggers”.  I feel like a veil has been lifted.  My mind is clear, and my body is functioning more productively.  I have more sustained energy throughout the day.  I am more in tune with myself than ever.  I do attribute this to Whole30 as well as other healthy habits I have incorporated as well.

I have had hormone issues for years.  Since the age of 17 to be exact.  I have had cysts, fibroids, imbalances, numerous procedures and surgeries.  My cycle when not on a pill has always been erratic and to be frank, my time of the month was often; hellish.  I feel like my hormones are more in check, I am regulated, and don’t have debilitating pain that often ensues when a cyst forms , bursts, or  feel terrible during a period.

My skin is better.  I have actually gone out a few times without foundation on, which is craziness.  I have been wearing a tinted moisturizer most other days.  My rosacea is better, I have not had any bad breakouts, and my eczema has been better.  With Celiac Disease, often comes hair loss.  I have a crazy amount of thick hair so while this never impacted me from a balding standpoint, but hair is always shedding all over the place.  I still notice some, but not nearly the amount that there once was.  I am not pulling handfuls of hair out anymore after running a brush through it.

Last but not least, but, for me the most impactful.  I am sleeping better than I have in …maybe forever.  While I do not get 8-9 hours a night, the hours that I do get are with further interruptions, restlessness etc.  I feel more rested.  This is an area that I will continue to work to improve on.  Insomnia was once such a debilitating part of my life…to have some handle on it without the use of any kind of medication, is amazing!

So, all in all… a positive experience.  I did tweak things a bit this round.

  • I eliminated fruit for the most part unless it was an ingredient in a recipe.  The only exception was blueberries which I would sometimes have with breakfast or in a salad.
  •  I started making Bulletproof Coffees a few times a week with ghee and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.  The other days I had my coffee with Collagen and Nutpods.
  • All water that I consumed at home, had lemon in it.
  •  I changed my bowls to a smaller size when eating most meals so my portion size dropped a bit.  I did allow myself to have seconds but, only if I was feeling hungry
  • I did more Self Care throughout my week (baths, face masks, walks, reading, listening to music) and didn’t just save these things for Sunday.
  • I added a 5 minute meditation to some work days during my lunch break.  I would put in my earbuds and my @headspace app and disconnect for a few minutes.  I do think that this helped center me.

I do plan to continue with another round of Whole30.  I will be documenting my journey (especially the yummy food) on Instagram @eternalworkinprogressgal , and on Twitter and Facebook as well. Everyone has their own path.  Some of us tread water for a really long time.  It is nice to finally feel like I am swimming again.


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