Me Time



Sounds simple enough..right?  For some people, it is innate….finding that balance. Taking the time that they need to refresh, rejuvenate, and enjoy hobbies.  I have always been envious of this.  That is not to say that I have not enjoyed things…I have.  But, to find that balance on a consistent basis has been a challenge.    So, I gave myself a bit of homework this year.

  1.  This year, I planned to work on my health and working through some rounds of Whole30, hoping to get my inflammation flareups under control, and get a better understanding of my food triggers; in addition to those that I already know.
  2. I planned to research and learn as much as I can about, gluten allergies, food triggers, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, celiac disease, mindfulness, and meditation
  3. I planned to read for enjoyment.  It is something that I have not been able to do for a very long time.  Carving in that time is extra important
  4. I planned to listen to 2-3 podcasts each week that inspire, motivate me, or simply make me laugh.  There are so many good ones out there.
  5. I planned to practice morning and nighttime meditation.  This would be no more than 20 minutes and I would incorporate one 5 minute session a work if need be
  6. I foam roll every day.  My job at times can be physically challenging.  I have had back issues in the past.  I find taking 5 minutes with the foam roller, helps with circulation, flexibility, and helps hit pressure areas and releases pain.
  7. I planned to find 1-2 inspirational quotes or mantras a day that I would focus on
  8. I planned to start a social media account where I knew no-one and follow people that I found inspiring and motivational
  9. I planned to incorporate music more into my day.  It has been my “therapy” since day one and has helped shape me into who I am today
  10. I planned to start a blog for myself…where I could share bits and pieces of my journey and post recipes that were gluten free and Whole30 compliant.  Maybe if someone else did read some of what I have been through from a medical staindpoint, they could relate and maybe it would inspire others who enjoy cooking.
  11. I planned to take more pictures of my food and write up recipes.  I read cookbooks like novels and find inspiration everywhere.  I rarely ever follow a recipe or make the same thing more than once; unless it was really good.  I have started writing up my own recipes more when someone asks me to share it.  It is such a creative outlet and I enjoy it a lot.
  12. Essential oils are something I knew nothing about.  I have done a bit of research.  I have diffusers in different areas of my house and enjoy the ambiance and calming effect I have.  I diffuse oils starting an hour before I go to bed and it runs throughout the night.  It is part of my bedtime routine.
  13. I planned to be more mindful of my sleep.  Insomnia is something I have struggled with.  I bought new bedding.  I try and stick with my routine and a sleep schedule.  It has helped.
  14. A self care checklist is something I have incorporated for the last few months.  This idea was posted by Danika Brysha (@danikabrysha).  She has blogged about it and I have seen it a few times on her Instagram Stories.  I modified a checklist that works for me and have used it consistently.  I really do see the benefits; the organization, the quiet reflection time, and the brief analysis and feelings gauge that it gives.
  15. The last thing was something I always enjoyed doing but never had time for.  I give myself time for the bath, the face mask, the dry brushing, the body scrub, the hair mask, the toe nail painting……anything that makes me feel better about me and feels indulgent, I allot a bit of time for.  This mostly happens on Self Care Sunday but, I do bits throughout the week as well.


Essentially, I do not have it all figured out.  I am trying to figure out things bit by bit; hence the name “EternalWorkInProgressGal”.  I am okay with that.  I really am.  But, allowing myself this “me time” has been eye opening already.   I have reconnected with myself in some ways and discovered myself in others.  I would encourage anyone to try doing some of these things or create your own self care challenge that would allow you to tap into more of what makes you happy, fulfilled, and whole.

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