Why Whole 30?

At the end of October of this year, I was struggling.  I was searching for some stability.  There were lots of unknowns in life.  I had suffered some personal losses.  I was feeling myself slip into a funk.  I was feeling lethargic all of the time and truly unhealthy.  I was searching….searching for something to give me hope…something to re-set my mind and body….searching for stability.

On my personal IG account, I had been following a few health, nutrition, and positive body image influencers.  One of theme was Danika Brysha (@danikabrysha).  In learning about her and her story, I learned about how The Whole30 transformed her life.  It was not a diet it was a re-set, a cleanse of mind and body.  I started following Melissa Hartwig (@melissahartwig), as well as Teri Turner (@nocrumbsleft).  I learned so much in such a short amount of time.  I bought and read the books.  I studied the program.  I made lists.  I bought products. I committed myself to 30 Days.

It was challenging in the beginning however not as challenging as it is for some others because I was already gluten free with limited dairy.  I stuck with it.  I planned everything and spent hours meal prepping, cleaning my kitchen, reflecting, journaling.  It changed my mind-set.  I lost some weight.  I saw the benefits.

After the holidays, I decided to commit to the January Whole30.  This time I changed a few things.  I knew which products to by, and which ones I didn’t need.  I knew the best places to get what.  I bought an Instant Pot which is now my world and made meal prep a lot easier.  I had a plan on how I did meal prep, and how it got me through the week.  I basically would make a few basic things each and every week and then try 1-2 new recipes from the Whole30 Fast& Easy Cookbook, which had just been replaced.

In addition  I made some other changes this go around  I bought the brand new Whole30 Day by Day book which, I feel I benefitted immensely.  I could have really used this book the first go around.  It answered lots of questions for me and I felt like I was pretty on par with each and every day.

I developed an IG account specific to my new lifestyle.  I didn’t tell anyone I was doing this and the only followers I have on it are people I have met and connected with.  I do not have anyone from my actual private life on there.  I felt so inspired doing this.  I followed so many accounts and blogs where I got new ideas, exchanged recipes, and thoughts, and just motivated each other. I had found my tribe!  I have to say, the Whole30 community is filled with the absolute nicest people ever.  If you have a question, they get back to you.  If you leave a comment, most often…you get a reply of some sort.  I felt at ease and truly supported.

I also developed a self care checklist (learned from Danika Brysha).  I tweaked it to suit my needs and it was something that I did each and every day.  I had started it last Whole30 and saw benefits, but this go around…I was more consistent.  Improved Self Care was my main goal for this January Whole30.  I was going to be better at taking time for me.  I implemented a new morning mantra each and every day, did a morning and nighttime meditation, and used essential oils and a diffuser at night to help me sleep.  Sleep has always been something that I have struggled with.  I do find that although not consistent, my sleep quality is much better when doing a Whole30.  I feel better.

So as we approach the end of this January Whole30, I will re-evaluate what worked well and didn’t.  I will make changes and set new goals.  I feel strongly that Whole30 is the right path for me to get as healthy as I can.  Cheers to everyone who helped me along the way!  I hope to inspire others and be able to help in turn.






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